Life update!

BEJESUS my last post was GLOOMY and dark! I cringed the whole time I read it but I'm keeping it up there because at that moment that's how I was feeling and the reality is, is that moving abroad is not all sunshine and roses. Where am I at now?  Almost 1 month later, I've… Continue reading Life update!


Reflections part 1 | Leaving home |

This is a quick and honest brain & thought dump.  In April 2018 I quit my job, packed up my belongings, found tenants for my house, said "May we meet again..." to all my loved ones and got on a plane to Toronto. Arrived in 6ix with no idea where I was staying, and what… Continue reading Reflections part 1 | Leaving home |

Cheap way to maintain your travels: HELP X

For anyone who may be reading this and know my partner Kevin and I, know that about 2 years ago we discussed the idea of quitting our jobs & finding tenants for our home to move overseas! We eventually took the plunge in April 2018 and moved to Canada (pit stop in Hawaii first). We… Continue reading Cheap way to maintain your travels: HELP X

Conquering the tallest mountain in the world Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano on the Big Island of Hawai'i. It is the tallest mountain in the world (yes - taller than Everest, google it!) sitting at 13, 796 feet or 4.2kms above sea level. It's home to the world's largest observatory and to the snow goddess Poli'ahu in Hawaiian mythology. The summit… Continue reading Conquering the tallest mountain in the world Mauna Kea

Hawai’i on a budget: How we did it!

Hawai'i has a reputation for being an expensive place to travel (see here). I'm going to share how we (group of 3 people) managed to see the beautiful and busy island of Oahu and the majestic and fiery Big Island..on a budget! When to go?  We always prefer to travel during off-peak season for a… Continue reading Hawai’i on a budget: How we did it!